lifeskills you should teach your children

lifeskills you should teach your children

Raising children can be sometimes difficult for some parents. But as a good parent you should teach your children as they do not know so many things without being taught. This issue is sometimes due to the relationship the parents have between themselves in their daily dealings.

The most important teachers to children are their parents, because they are always with them and will always be till they grow into adulthood.

To help you make the most of this privileged position as a parent, here are  skills you can teach your children, each of which will make a fundamental differences in their life.


It is very pertinent to teach your children how to manage money well to avoid being indebted to people when they grow up. As a parent you should be able to teach your children to save at least 25% of their earnings as it will help them survive hard times. Your child should be taught to only go for things they can afford rather than going for costly things they can’t pay for. This will really help their life when they grow into adulthood as they will be able to manage their homes very well no matter the level of income they receive.


Conflicts and arguments are part of everyday life, but children should be taught on how to manage conflicts and misunderstandings. Parents should teach their children on words to use when trying to sort out a conflicting disagreement. They should be taught to avoid the use of harsh words when talking to people.


Teach them how to cook from their childhood and they will end up wanting to have all their meals cooked by themselves. Parents should teach their children how to season foods, fry eggs, boil water and cook their own noodles. These will make the child to get adapted to preparing meals in the house, rather than always depending on the mother or older sibling to cook for them.


Powerful feelings like fear, jealousy or anger can set into a child’s life if not properly controlled when the child is still growing up. If your child is afraid of dogs, you as a parent should not tell them to run inside whenever they see one, instead let them know that the dog won’t harm them. If possible get a dog as pet and make the child see you always playing with it.


Dont allow your children to be victims of harmful assaults. This can be achieved by teaching them basics like avoiding going out at nights, avoiding bad company thay may make them to be exposed to danger.

Your children can also be taught to avoid hard drugs like smoking as it would result in causing harm to them.


Cleanliness is next to godliness, teaching your children the necessary hygiene will make them grow up better.  They should be taught to brush their teeth before and after meals and every morning, they should also be able to wash, and comb their hair very well and look neat.


lifeskils you should teach your childrenChildren should also be taught how to use IT tools like the computer, ATM, and smartphones. This will enable them to be smart in a world like ours were everything is almost computerized. As a parent, you should create time to teach your children some of this things

If your child is learning how to spell,  MS Word can be a good program to aid the child develop this skill fast because of it’s word spelling check and predictions . The child should also be allowed to use the internet to search for information online. This is possible only if the parent introduce the child to IT tools in an early age.


Children are always vulnerable to peer pressure when there is no adult to guide them.  It is difficult to control this but when the child has been talked to by the parent on the disadvantages of having bad friends, they will be able to avoid any bad company and admire people with good reputation and attitude.

When a child is being exposed to children with bad characters, they will always want to follow the other kids and do whatever they are doing except for children with that in-borne spirit of good character which is often transferred genetically and often rare.

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