10 countries to visit in the world this season

This article focuses on the worst countries to visit because of the rate at which people travel everyday. The happiness of traveling is one great thing that happens in peoples lives, Seeing another cultures, exploring, and going to tourist locations in other lands is one of the best ways to experience life. Traveling gives you new eyes to see the world in, and truly widens your knowledge base. I personally look to take every chance I can get to travel out of where I am staying. In this day and age, we see people traveling many places on social media and we get curious. However, there are some parts of the world that are just not ready to be seen comfortably and peaceful to travel to.

Read on below to learn the 10 most dangerous places to travel to!

10. Ukraine

There is an ongoing conflict in Ukraine with Russia. Between the countries, the armed forces are involved with on the ground conflict in the Eastern region, and it is not uncommon for locals to get involved in the conflict.

9. Egypt

While the threat in Egypt is declining, it is still not the best time to visit. Terror groups and uprisings still exist, and the threat of attack is never far away. It is gaining safety, but there is no harm in waiting until things settle so as to be on the safe side.

8. Honduras

Honduras is located in Central America and has many beautiful sites to see, but perhaps not yet. The country has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and is known for its deadly crime.

7. Kenya

Rural Kenya is home to many terrorist factions. There are attacks often, and reported bombs and shootings are heard. The cities are usually spared, but it’s best to be safe. The worst times to visit is around election times, where cities are lit in violent protests.

6. El Salvador

El Salvador, while home to beautiful mountainsides, is also home to violent gang crimes. There have been reported kidnappings in national parks and other public sites. The country has been turmoiled by civil war for many years, and never fully recovered.

5. Colombia

Narcos is a Netflix hit, because of its storytelling expertise and its historical accuracy. Colombia has been ravaged by drug trafficking, political corruption, and violent crimes for over 4 decades. Organized crime is a strong force in the country, and until peace agreements are formed, travel is warned against.

4. Venezuela

The changing political atmosphere is just downright scary, and right now Venezuela is struggling. The news reports hunger issues, protests, and an overall uncertain situation. There is a growing economic crisis and tensions are rising, it can be the worst countries to visit for people who really care for their lives.

3. Yemen

Like many other worst countries to visit on this list, Yemen has also been home to many terrorist groups. Rebel groups have been known to detain American and European citizens for political power. There are alternatives in the Middle East, and I would simply skip it.

2. Nigeria

Ever heard of Boko Haram and the ipob groups in the country? Well, they are terrorist groups that has been ravaging the country for years. This makes it among worst countries to visit, Coupled with the fact that transportation is underdeveloped and unreliable. Even the economic situation is not right presently as the economy is currently in recession, therefore they are multiple warnings against travelling to Nigeria.

1. Pakistan

The Pakistani government and intelligence agencies have a track record of working against the US government. The country is home to many terrorist training camps, including ISIS and the Taliban. I would avoid the area completely because of the terrible things happening everyday and night.

This article does is not meant to discourage travelling, but just have it in mind that those places are not comfortable enough for holidays and tours. This is probably one of the worst countries to visit right now.

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