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Airtel Nigeria has launched a new service that allows Airtel users to share data from their data bundle on their Airtel lines, this service is among the Airtel innovative service and can only be done among the same network. Sharing of data bundles on mobile networks such as MTN can now be done easily because everyone wants their friends, colleagues, and family to now come online. This is charges attached to this service, you will be charged 100MB for every transfer you made in transferring MB from one Airtel line to another.

How To Transfer / Share Data Bundle (MB) On Airtel Network
Below are the codes on how to share Airtel data bundle:
If you are to transfer Airtel 10MB data
Simply Dial 14171211 recipient phone number# with your phone.
If you are to transfer Airtel 25MB data
Simply Dial 1417129 recipient phone number# with your phone.
If you are to transfer Airtel 60MB data
1417124 recipient phone number# with your phone.

Recipient phone Number is the number of the person that you want to transfer the Airtel data to.
For Example:
If you want to transfer 60MB to This phone Number: 08023456789.
you will dial 141712408023456789# and press SEND.
Another thing that I like about this Airtel is that Airtel blackberry data plan can work on all devices such as Ipad, PC, Android Smartphones, Tablets etc. This can not be done on other networks such as MTN, Glo, Etisalat etc.
Airtel Nigeria has recently upgraded their data plans and their sharing codes which will ensure that you will take the proper steps whenever you are buying a data plans or when you are to share a data with your colleagues, friends, and family. Share this post with your friends and family to enjoy this service. Make use of the comment box if you have any questions to ask.

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