how to unlock modem

how to unlock modem

This brief tutorial will show you steps to follow and unlock your Huawei data card modem work with any available SIM Card network – exactly like a Universal Modem. Most times the modem we buy these days are tied or pre-programmed to work with a single network. Could be MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat or any other. But this is too rigid and gives not freedom users deserve. Which means if you need to make a data subscription switch, you start buying a new modem all over again. That’s not sweet.

how to Unlock Modem-

If your modem comes bundled with network A, and you wish to use other networks B, C, and D, if you attempt replacing SIM card of original A with any of other SIMs (BCD), the system will prompt a message, requesting an unlock code as it has detected an ALIEN NETWORK SIM CARD.
That unlock code is the secret to unlocking your modem.

How To
1. Know your Modem type/brand (Huawei, ZTE etc) (NOTE: The tutorial works for all modems, but the software needed to is different).

2. Know your modem’s IMEI Number (This is a long – about 15-digit – all numbers code printed on, or inside the cover of your modem. Learn more about IMEI Numbers here. Now write down your IMEI Number correctly.

3. Download the unlocking software. This is the deal. Download software for unlocking Huawei Modems here. For other models, we may need other sources which I will supply later.

4. Install the software and run it. Upon running it, it demands for the IMEI Number we determined in #2 earlier. OK, it now generates your special unlock code from the IMEI Number. This is between 4-6 digits. Copy this and head back to the first scenario.

5. Insert an alien SIM card into your modem, and then into your computer, and it demands the unlock code generated in #4 above. Supply this, and you are good!

The results after these steps might have been followed correctly is that you have converted your modem to a universal modem. And you can use both the native as well as all other alien networks. What a relief, what a freedom.

NOTE: To work properly now with some networks may now require some simple New Profile Management configurations, like creating a new profile.

On the modem interface, go to Tools, then Profile Management, then New. Insert the new network’s settings viz APN, username and password. Then Save. Then from the connect window, ensure you select the new profile/network and connect.

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