Want To Save Instagram Profile Picture? Here Is The Best Way To Go About It

how to save instagram profile picture

Take your Instagram stalking to the next level with this great App.

So, there is this girl/guy you’ve been stalking on Instagram that just changed his/her profile picture, and from the thumbnail, you can tell that it is a very hot picture.

save instagram profile picture


Since Instagram won’t let you be great, you are left with one option – the grainy thumbnail image.


Well, that is about to change as there is an app for that. An Android app that will allow you to save the profile pictures of any user in high resolution on Instagram!

save instagram profile picture

Save Instagram Profile Pics

It is called InstaPP, you can click here to download it (601 kb in size), once installed, open the app. You will need to input the username without the @ and Voila! Just like the way it is below, the image will be available to you in full resolution.

save instagram profile picture

….And that is how to take your stalkerish nature to another level courtesy of InstaPP

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