List of the basic things to take to the NYSC orientation camp

things to take to nysc camp

things to take to nysc camp

As you patiently wait for your call up letter for the NYSC orientation exercise, you must ponder on what you should take to the NYSC orientation camp which will help you to survive in camp during the 3 weeks exercise.

Many have ended up regretting not knowing the basic things that they would have taken to the camp. Things that can be easily carried about is really important.

We have made research and finally come to a conclusion about the essential things all Prospective Corps Members must take to orientation camp. We also include some life-saving tips that can help you to avoid dangers

Here are the basic things you can take to the orientation camp;

1. Genuine Student ID Card – (Original and photocopies)

2. NYSC Call-up letter (Original and 3 photocopies)

3. Recent Passport Photograph on white background (4 copies)

4. Compulsory medical certificate/report from a government or military hospital showing health status.

5.Certificate /Statement of Result from your Institution (Original and 3 Photocopies).

Medical Doctors, Pharmacists or Optometrists should be expected to bring along original of their registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of housemanship or internship.

Taking the above-listed documents and items to camp will get you through your registration at the orientation camp, up to the point of collection of a mattress and your NYSC KITs.

The NYSC kits consist of 2 pairs of white shorts, 2 round neck loosely fitted white T-shirts, One NYSC crested vest, a pair of NYSC khaki (Jacket, Belt and trousers), a crested NYSC cap, a pair of NYSC white tennis shoes. a pair of Jungle boots.

Here are also some additional things you should never forget to take along as you are going to camp;

  1. WHITE SHORTS: NYSC would give only 2 pairs of shorts you may need extra 4 pairs so as not to be stranded because you wouldn’t be able to wash daily or may dry for wear.
  2. ROUND-NECKED WHITE T-SHIRTS: This is an essential outfit worn daily in camp throughout your stay in camp.
  3. PLAIN WHITE TENNIS SHOES/ WHITE SOCKS: It’s advisable you get one pair of rubber/cork plain white shoe to save yourself from stress alongside leather tennis shoes.
  4. TOILETRIES: antiseptics, towel, insecticides, sanitary pads, this is essential to keep you from infections and skin reactions.
  5. MOSQUITO NET: Take along with a rope to tie it to your bunk to avoid mosquito bite which causes malaria.
  6. CEREALS/PROVISIONS: Essential for those who would not like camp food with a cup, plate(preferably rubber), water bottle(useful on parade ground or long hours lectures).
  7. WAIST POUCH: Very essential, it serves as your save and locker for important items. Things like ID card, money, phones, keys, ATM cards e.t.c.
  8. PADLOCKS: You need lock your boxes and bags to save your valuable items to avoid regrets. People lost things to thieves due to carelessness.
  9. TORCHLIGHT OR RECHARGEABLE LAMPS: This is necessary for the preparation for morning drills at 5 am and at night after lights out.
  10. CASH: At least 40,000 NGN with your ATM card, there are lots of things that take up money in camp like food, charging of phones, e.t.c

OTHERS: Bed sheets/spread, Pillow Cases, Pillow, Power bank, pain relief drugs, antibiotics etc.

Having gotten all the above information you are good to go to the camp and stay safe throughout that 3 weeks.

Good luck as you serve our country Nigeria with selflessness. Best Wishes

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