How to speed up 3G network when browsing

If you don’t have 4G, then speeding up 3G is the best option for you. You may be looking for a possible great way to squeeze the most speed out of your 3G connection.
Today we will be talking about some of the tricks and tweaks that you can use to boost up your 3G connection. This will not make your 3G connection like (fastest train in the world currently), but it certainly will help in speeding up your 3G connection.
Use Opera Max
Opera  Max for Android Data Saver
Opera Max
Opera Max has been improving the data usage and improving the connection and speed too. You can browse through the web pages more conveniently with Opera Max. Although Opera Max was mainly designed for crowded Wi-Fi, it does it work for 3G connection as well. It consumes fewer data and according to the report, they are claiming an increase of about 23% over conventional usage. So, why not to try Opera Max. Download the app from Google Play Store right now.

Use better browser

Google Chrome may ultimately be the better option for you if you want to surf the Internet at higher speed. However, Google Chrome uses a lot of memory but still it provides satisfactory speed. The seamless experience you get while using it is awesome. Opera Max may still be the best alternative for you. You can also use Opera Mini. Opera Mini is lighter and simple version of Opera browser yet is powerful and feature-rich. Both of the apps are free, so you can download the app from Play Store right away.

Clear the Cache

With newer Android updates, memory management is much easier. The bloated cache will still consume your data and space and makes your device lag much more. Those phone running the older version of Android generally has this problem. You have to clear the cache regularly to increase the speed of your device. Having stuffed cache can slow most of your device speed along with the Internet speed. You can clear the app’s cache by going to Settings> Apps and then clear the cache of the Apps.

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