World’s top 5 most expensive bikes

Some people are crazy and addicted to the motorbike.Every person in this world has their own wishes, interest and wants. When you see them, you’ll be shocked and wonder how do they make such awesome models. If you own one of these bikes, it is a symbol of pride and personality.The choices and likes different with people and people.  Well, keeping this in mind some companies around the world has produced some excellent bikes. When you see them, you’ll be shocked and wonder how do they make such awesome models. If you own one of these bikes, it is a symbol of pride and personality. So, today we are talking about world top expensive bikes. You may not be able to afford these unless you are a millionaire or a billionaire.

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5)Neiman Marcus Limited Fighter
5)Neiman Marcus Limited Fighter
This bike appears stunning. Designed by Confederate Moto Co. this device holds a unique look.It offers an exciting experience on the road and this probably is not for weak-hearted people.
Cost: $ 110,000
4)Hildebrand Wolfmuller(Cost: $ 150,000)
4)Hildebrand Wolfmuller(Cost: $ 150,000)
This is a very rare bike. The bike has a the two-cylinder four-stroke engine. Being the world’s first production motorcycle, Hilderbrand and Wolf Muller is very elusive and is snow a private collection. Being the first motorbike, the price of this model is high.
3)Hub-less Harley Davidson(Cost: $ 155,000)
3)Hub-less Harley Davidson(Cost: $ 155,000)
Harley Davidson has always impressed their customers with their appealing and unique look.Hubless falls in this list because due to it’s unique design.This chopper’s design in unlike others.
2)Ultra Rare Porcupine(Cost: $ 750,000)
3)Hub-less Harley Davidson(Cost: $ 155,000)
Didn’t it’s name suggested it’s whole value? As name calls, this bike is totally rare and expensive. It was built and designed in World War II and was part of the museum, But museum items can be sold, so this bike is at a sale from the National Motorcycle Museum. If you want to recall WWII moments, live your dream by buying this awesome bike.
1)$1 million Harley Davidson
This bike costs $1 million
This bike was designed by Jack Armstrong and is the most expensive Harley Davidson bike. Its price can shake your pocket as it costs 1 million. If you are a Billionaire, and you are bike crazy as well, this is a perfect bike for you. The six-cylinder engine will give you a lightning fast speed. The design and style look elegant and wonderful.
If you are a billionaire, go get this bike. You will be called ” Billionaire with a million dollar bike”.

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