The power of touch can’t be underestimated. Even babies want to be touched by their loved ones. They want to be tickled playfully. The same applies to touch between couples/lovers.

According to research by sexologists, touch sends some electrical currents to the spine of our lovers. Many men are making mistakes by not touching their wives. It is not all about the touch, it is about caressing the right spot. When I say the right spot, I’m referring to those erogenous zones that are capable of making her explode in the room and want more of that intimacy which may end up in a fun- filled sex.


These are areas of the body that gives sexual pleasure when it is touched. Examples of such places are clitoris, earlobes, neck region, breast(nipples, spine, thighs), knees, feet, and toes.

  1. LIPS: Most women love naughty guys who know how to kiss sensitively. Your kiss should be soft and tender, not to injure her. You can also add chocolate to spice up the fun.
  2. EAR LOBES: The ear is a sense organ that is used in the hearing. Ladies love it when their earlobes are being fondled properly. This can make them go wild while doing this. In the process, you can whisper some sweet words into her ears. This will trigger her more in the mood.
  3. NECK REGION: The tip of the palm should be used here, by using your palm slowly and blowing her air with your mouth can add multiple funs.
  4. BREAST (NIPPLE): Ladies, wives and lovers want to be caressed here. The breast can be fondled by using the hands and lips. Areas surrounding the nipples are very sensitive to touch. In order to make her beg for more, you can touch those edges. Some might even tell you to bite them softly. This has its own pleasure.
  5. SPINE: This is an area on the back that runs from the neck to the lower back. It is over sensitive because of the impulses it sends to the brain. You can tickle the spine and this will turn her on immediately.
  6. THIGH: Using your hands, lips or tongue here; you can never be wrong. When doing this make sure you concentrate on her by massaging her thighs with all part of your hands
  7. BACK OF HER KNEES: Behind the knees contain some sensory nerves that can send impulses within the split of a second. You can tickle there to and fro to make her want to have sex with you.
  8. TOES AND UNDER FEET: These are other places that when rubbed gently brings pleasure.
  9. THE CLITORIS: Many men still can’t spot/ identify this one very sensitive part of a woman’s sexual organ. This is a small sensitive organ that is just above the opening of a woman’s vagina which becomes larger when she is sexually excited. The tip of the tongue is the most significant organ to be used here since it is soft and usually not dry and has a powerful muscle that can send her to cloud nine.



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