How I Got Adsense Approval Within 7 Days on 1 Month Old Blog

How to get an Approved Adsense Account in 1 hour?
When the thought to start a blog came to me early this year, I went online to read few articles to add to my wealth of knowledge. I stumbled on Adsense articles.

Since my niche is Gospel, very few were talking about it and the few posts I saw concerning my niche and adsense were scary.

Well, I didn’t give up. I went on and set up My Gospel Blog16 on Blogger. That was February 2018. I upgraded to a custom domain within the same month. I used a custom theme, then tweaked it to my taste. I made 23 good posts among which 5 posts contained 2k+ words.

Then I applied for adsense through the dashboard. Placed the code in my template. I didn’t get first approval email but after 3days I checked on my blogger “Monetization” tab and noticed that the “Your Application is Under review” had disappeared.

The Holy Spirit told me I’ve passed 1st approval… lol. I didn’t activate the “Show ads” options, knowing that I’m only going to see blank ads.

At exactly the same day I applied for adsense (that’s monday) I got an email from adsense. “CONGRATULATIONS YOUR APPLICATION IS FULLY APPROVED”!

What you should know:

Make Quality and unique posts.
Get some traffic (but in my case I didn’t have up to 200 pageviews per day)
Tweak your blog design, make it neat.
Put up contents in your sidebar.
Make your site easy to navigate
Submit sitemap and get some posts crawled and indexed.
APPLY FOR ADSENSE! Your chances of approval are HIGH.

I hope this was helpful?

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