Danger signs at the birth period

If you notice any of these things happening, go to a healthcare provider or health facility as soon as you can.
• If your waters have broken but you are not in labour after 6 hours
• Your contractions are lasting for over 12 hours, but the baby has not come yet
• You are bleeding heavily and the blood soaks more than 2 to 3 pads in 15 minutes
• Your placenta has not come out, and it is 1 hour after the birth of your baby
Your baby:
• You notice that your baby does not cry at birth, or has difficulty breathing
• You notice that your baby cannot breastfeed
• You notice that your baby has a fever, or feels cold
• Your baby is very small (less than 1500 grams or born earlier than 32 weeks)
• Your baby has fits

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