5 Easiest Ways to Unclog Your Clogged Pores

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Clogged pores can lead to blackheads, acne and other skin problems. Therefore, it is very important to regularly unclog them with different methods including exfoliation.

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Dead skin cells, oil, dirt, leftover makeup and other impurities can easily cloud the facial skin pores. The impurities get mixed with sebum – the oil released by the sebaceous glands. This mix clings to the skin and the pores are clogged.

Dead skin will continue to form, as regular shedding of dead skin cells by the body is a natural process of renewing the skin. This keeps our skin healthy and growing.

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The dead skin cells must be removed from the skin surface regularly, otherwise they will clog the skin pores. Same way the dirt, oil and other impurities that sets up on the skin also must be removed regularly to keep the skin in healthy state of freshness.

All these internal factors such as formation of dead skin and external factors such as pollution and all other elements that can fall on your skin are unavoidable. What is in your control is to remove them periodically daily.

This process of regular removal of impurities can be done efficiently with the following simple to follow home remedies to not only I the clogged pores but also keep the skin fresh and lustrous all the time.

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Some of these methods will go deeper in the skin to clean it and the others will work on the surface to unclog the pores. Use as many methods as they suit you.

1. Steam

Steaming your face is by far the most effective and inexpensive method to unclog clogged pores. The steam reaches more deep inside the skin to clear the pores efficiently. It temporarily expands the pores so that the impurities can be removed from the pores with ease.

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  • Boil couple of glasses of water and a heating pot. You will see steam releasing the pot.
  • Remove the pot from the burner and keep it on a table.
  • Sit on a chair keeping your face 6-10 inch above the pot. Tilt the face towards the pot but keep the safe distance.
  • Cover your head with a towel extending to cover the pot also. This will trap the steam inside the space left between the pot and your face.
  • Slowly inhale the steam for 5-10 minutes.
  • Dab your face dry with the towel.

You will see instant result. Your clogged pores will be instantly unclogged.

2. Lemon

Lemon is an excellent exfoliating cleanser. The citric acid enters the pores and unlodge the impurities from the skin. This makes it easy to remove the.

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  • Cut a lemon in two pieces.
  • Rub one half of the cut lemon directly on your facial skin. You find it unbearable then splash some water on the face and then rub it.

Keep it there for 5 minutes then wash your face with slightly warm water.

3. Baking Soda Scrub

Baking soda is a gentle face scrub that exfoliate the skin and unclogs the clogged pores.

  • Add half tablespoon of water to a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it well to make a thick paste.
  • Gently massage it on the face and neck in a circular motion.

Leave it for 5 minutes then wash your face with warm water.

4. Parsley

Parsley is very effective in pulling out impurities from the clogged pores.

  • Take freshly washed parsley and dip in Bolivia g water.
  • Leave it there until the water cools down
  • Apply the parsley water with a cotton pad on your face in circular motion.

Wash your face with warm water after 30 minutes.

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5. Honey

Honey also is a very good agent to clear clogged pores.

Apply honey as mask for 30 minutes before washing your face. It pulls out impurities and unclogs the pores.

Use one or more of the above methods to keep your skin free of impurities.

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