25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (June 18th)

As WWE apparently flirt with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in the wake of the Greatest Match Ever and renewed interest in the indies that definitely won’t lead to more beloved stars being buried in favour of WWE’s guys, it’s a time of change for the company.
Brock Lesnar isn’t booked to wrestle any more with his future uncertain, The Undertaker might wrestle more than once in a year and Hulk Hogan might be returning to WWE soon. At least, that’s what the rumour mill has been mostly talking about this week.
On top of that, we’ve had whispers of Ronda Rousey moving on from the company as soon as after WrestleMania 35, Hogan’s Gawker case is set to be a movie and James Ellsworth might be on his way back, and there’s more talk of when Rey Mysterio will be. Both could pass Alicia Fox on her way out too. So yeah, lots of changes.
And still, Roman Reigns is talking down the possibility of turning heel. So at least there’s SOME constancy.
Through it all, the WWE social media world delivered some dependability too, with selfies, workouts and the little slices of real life that Instagram affords fans. This was the week in WWE Instagram…

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